Because Of You

Because of you, everything is different.

Because of you, I have new eyes. Eyes that see past the here and now. Eyes that see between the wrinkles. Eyes that read between the lines. Eyes that look up even when starring straight ahead. Eyes that cry; a lot – in joy and in sorrow.

Because of you, I have new hands. Hands that are open. Hands that are more gentle; more purposed. 

Because of you, I have a new heart. A heart that’s been shaped. Tickled with sweetness and stretched to limits I never knew. It’s been wet with tears; roughed up, bruised, crushed by a determined love. For the sake of His craft; His glory. My glory. You know it, my dear. You live it, breath it, every second of every day. 

Because of you, I know Him. You have brought color and life to the flannel board stories my heart has memorized from my youth. I have felt His scars; stuck my hands in His side. I have seen the empty tomb; and its’ felt like the wind has been knocked out of me in the best possible way. Yes, because of you, I know joy. The deepest joy I could ever know and will know. It’s been there all along, but you made it real.

Because of you, I see hope. And hope feels alive. Stirring me throughout my days, and awakening me in the night. Hope has lifted my hands and lightened my heart. Hope has made me see the reality that is waiting. It makes big houses, trendy clothes, new cars, perfect storied lives vanish in the great anticipation of what is to come.  

You have changed my here, my now, and my forever. 

You have given me more gifts than I could have ever given you. 

I love you to Heaven and back, and then some. 




5 thoughts on “Because Of You

  1. Beautiful Corrie-His hope does not disappoint because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Brooklyn touched all our lives here for one day shy of 6 months- we will always celebrate her life- praying that brings you some measure of comfort today on her 1st birthday


  2. Your words are so beautiful, and I know your love for your daughter is even more beautiful. I hope that I one day love and trust as deeply and authentically as you and Adam. Thanks for sharing your story. Praying that these next few months, especially, you are able to bask in all of the sweet memories of Brooklyn.


  3. What a beautiful letter for a beautiful girl! You guys are so generous to share your story with us. We love you and hope the weekend was meaningful for you both. Love that you went away to a cabin with a picnic from Annie!


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