Brooklyn’s 1st Birthday

Tomorrow is the big day…Thursday, 11/14/13.  A year ago today, Corrie was being admitted into the hospital and we knew we would meet our daughter in less than 24 hours.  We had no idea what we were walking into.  It has been the most beautiful and difficult year of our lives.

Corrie and I have been extremely anxious in anticipation of Brooklyn’s 1st birthday.  We want to do something special, but we can’t seem to find much clarity around what to do.  We are clear that her birthday and the surrounding days will be difficult, so we’ve decided that we will find some space to relax and be present with each other.  There is no way to prepare for this sort of event, but we know that when we are free of distractions we are able to be present and live in the moment with each other.

As we approach tomorrow, I’m sad that we won’t be throwing a birthday party.  I’ve attended several 1st birthday parties for friends & family, and it was always fun to see the kids’ eyes get really big and faces really messy as they dove in and tasted the sweet nectar of sugar for the first time.  Wow…I really want to experience this with Brooklyn.  I long for these types of memories with her.

Our family has decided to start a new annual celebration of Brooklyn.  We will be giving to the Brooklyn’s Bridge Scholarship Fund that we created to continue her legacy and impact.  If you’d like to join us in this, you can make online donations via the “Donate” button at the bottom of the fund’s page on City School’s website:

Corrie and I are extremely grateful for all of your support this year.  Additionally, we appreciate you joining us in continuing her legacy and impact.

Brooklyn – we will never forget you and are so happy we got to experience your love, courage, and beauty.  Happy Birthday!  We love you so much!

-Adam & Corrie

3 thoughts on “Brooklyn’s 1st Birthday

  1. Wow. I’ll be thinking about you two tomorrow. My sister died when she was four and I was five and though I don’t remember her I do know that it’s been a bittersweet memory for my mom and dad ever since. Russ


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