13 thoughts on “I was so not finished – Missing her cuteness part 2

  1. So many adorable expressions. My heart breaks for you both, Corrie. I am so grateful that you will be reunited with her in eternity, though I can only imagine the agony of her absence here and now. You are blessing me (and many others) with this blog, my brave friend. (You are also a really good and natural writer!) Thank you –
    so much love to you and Adam.


  2. Loved these beautiful pix!!! She is Tinkerbell!! 🙂 loved getting to see her little personality! Thank you thank you for sharing!!!

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  3. Well, well, well, how is it possible to get that much cutness in such a small package? Sweet little face, gentle eyes, adorable lips, and soft hair.  Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t seen some of these. sharon


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