Memorial Service – Additional Info & Request


We need your help with a component of the service. Brooklyn definitely had and will continue to have a huge impact on our lives, so we’d like to hear about that. Specific details are below. Given our short time frame, please help us make this possible by sticking to the guidelines below. We won’t be able to incorporate all of them, but would love to hear from you.

Video guidelines:

-Up to a 30 second video about the impact Brooklyn has had on your life

-Upload the best ‘take’ to YouTube (meaning, only upload the clip, up to 30 seconds, that you want to submit)

-Email me the link to the YouTube video: adamrhull (at) gmail dot com (separated my actual email address to prevent spammers, interpret it as a normal email address)

-Deadline for submissions: Saturday, March 16th 7pm CST

Parking for Service

This map link shows where to park:


We’d prefer not to receive a large amount of flowers, but if you’d like to send them, you can send them to Cook-Walden Funeral Home and they will deliver them to the memorial service on Monday morning.

Cook-Walden Funeral Home

6100 N. Lamar

Austin, TX 78752

If you’d like to make a donation instead, stay tuned because we are working on setting up an opportunity.

Memorial Service Info

Thank you all for the amazing response of prayers, support, and encouragement over the past 24 hours.  Y’all are amazing.

The memorial service info:
Monday, March 18th at 10am
Austin Stone’s For the City Center
500 E. St. Johns Ave.
Austin, TX  78752
It will be an informal service, so don’t feel the need to come dressed up.  We want to keep things relaxed and hope you enjoy this time of celebrating Brooklyn’s life and all that God has done.  We will also likely have some type of reception afterwards with details to follow.
If you have any questions, please contact my sister, Erica, at 832-257-3622.
We hope to see all of you and many others on Monday. Please help spread the word.  I will post on the blog soon as well.  Thank you for being in this with us.  We love you all.
-Adam & Corrie

118 Days

Brooklyn Olivia went to be with Jesus this morning.  We are extremely grateful for the generous 118 days that we and so many of you got to enjoy the gift of Brooklyn.  We didn’t know how this time would look, but it was and still is very difficult for us.

Thank you for your prayers and space as we begin grieving the loss of our sweet daughter.  We will notify you of details on a service as they come together.
We couldn’t have walked this out and will not walk out this next stage without you.  Thank you.  We love y’all so much.

Adam & Corrie


We have definitely seen some unfortunate changes in Brooklyn’s health this week.  As always, we’ve been in the cycle of fear/frustration then joy/victory then back again.

Brooklyn’s seizures are back and more consistent.  She has also had consistent episodes of heavy labored breathing.  We are managing both with powerful meds.

Corrie and I are ok with these changes.  They are difficult to witness, but we’ve known they would come.  We are incredibly thankful that they have taken so long to present themselves!

We have been in constant communication with our pediatrician and the doctor from Hospice.  Everyone is in agreement that Brooklyn is declining.  We’ve known from the beginning that her decline would likely be quick or gradual.  The fact that her decline seems to be gradual, at this point, is definitely another blessing.  There still isn’t a timeline for how long the decline will take, so we continue to celebrate and enjoy her.  I know we are both soaking up every minute and can’t take our eyes off of her beautiful face.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in Austin, so we took a quick hike to the top of Mt. Bonnell and enjoyed the amazing views! (pictures below).  We also had a quick opportunity on Sunday to grab some pictures of Brooklyn without her oxygen cannula and feeding tube before inserting new ones. (picture below)  Corrie and I love seeing her chubby cheeks and nose without the tubes!

A couple things you can be praying for:

-Brooklyn’s decline remains slow and she stays comfortable

-Corrie and I stay healthy (we’ve both battled minor colds/viruses)

-Corrie and I don’t find excuses for not doing the things we want to do with Brooklyn and just jump on the opportunities.

Thank you so much for all of the love, prayers, and support!  We feel it!

If you’d like to, friends and family have been providing us with dinner.  This has been a HUGE blessing and helps us keep focused on Brooklyn.  A Care Calendar was set up for you to easily sign up for meals.  People outside of Austin have used a couple food delivery services which have worked well.

Care Calendar:
Calendar ID:  132854
Password:  7403

Food Delivery Services: Zip Code is 78757

Lots of love,


Brooklyn and Corrie on top of Mt. Bonnell

Brooklyn and Corrie on top of Mt. Bonnell

Adam & Brooklyn on top of Mt. Bonnell

Adam & Brooklyn on top of Mt. Bonnell

Brooklyn without her oxygen cannula and feeding tube

Brooklyn without her oxygen cannula and feeding tube