Photo Slideshow

We were blessed with some incredible photos by Elle Mendenhall (  Please enjoy the photos of Brooklyn in the video she created (linked below).  The song is quite appropriate and communicates a lot of what we are feeling.  Also, it would mean a lot to us for our friends and family to bless Elle with a lot of business, so book her for your next baby photo shoot!  We won’t be able to thank her enough for what she has given to us.

Enjoy our beautiful daughter!

Brooklyn’s Photo Slideshow


10 thoughts on “Photo Slideshow

  1. What a precious baby girl! You know Bonnie’s little girl is Brooklyn as well. Thank you for sharing her story with us. I am praying for your strength, peace, and joy. Love ou


  2. Wow. I’m typing this through the blurriness of my tears. She is so precious and you all radiate God’s glory. Only He could create a child so beautiful and use a baby like Brooklyn to touch so many. We continue to pray for ya’ll on this bittersweet journey.


  3. You are so right. She is absolutely beautiful and amazing, as are her precious parents. God bless your sweet family and thank you for allowing us to share in a part of Brooklyn’s life. Love and Hugs, Jeannie


  4. These pictures are amazing! What a treasure they will be for your family. What a beautiful picture of God’s grace and love you guys are. I’m very proud of you!


  5. Adam…God bless you and your family. I continue to seek God’s work in the way you love your daughter, how you support your wife, and you continue to face the challenges in front of you. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. -CJ


  6. What an amazing slideshow to cherish of your sweet little angel. She is just perfect. Praying for your beautiful family. Lindsay Cook


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