Intro – Pregnancy & Labor/Delivery


We are so excited to introduce you to our beautiful daughter, Brooklyn Olivia!  Some of you are probably aware of what has been going on throughout Corrie’s pregnancy and over the past 47 days of Brooklyn’s life.  If you are up to date, please come back to stay updated as this will be our primary way of delivering updates from now on.

Time to catch everyone else up…

Pregnancy & Labor/Delivery:

We found out during Corrie’s 20 week appointment that Brooklyn had a heart defect.  This was difficult news and started us down a tough road.  Over the course of Corrie’s pregnancy, we had regular appointments with her OBGYN (Dr. Grogono), perinatal specialist (Dr. Harstad), and pediatric cardiologist (Dr. Finnigan).  We saw small victories and set backs as things progressed.  Our last appointment (11/13/12) with Dr. Harstad revealed elevated levels of amniotic fluid, so Dr. Grogono made the call during our appointment with her later that afternoon to admit Corrie to the hospital and induce the next morning.  Corrie labored like the unbelievably strong woman she is for close to 9 hours.  She got very close (almost 9cm) before having to have an emergency c-section because Brooklyn’s heart rate dropped off.  Brooklyn was born at 5:16pm on 11/14/12.  She was 37 weeks, 3 days.  We waited to find out the gender and we were confident the baby was a boy, so Brooklyn was definitely a HUGE surprise!

Due to her size (4lbs. 5oz.), Brooklyn was immediately taken to the NICU for close monitoring.




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